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Gender is a Choice is a passionate plea for change, by a promising debut yet authoritative author, on a very key sociological issue - the discriminatory treatment of women and girls driven by global patriarchy. Ms Mukasa highlights how societies across the world, have wrongly assumed that patriarchy benefits them. On the surface, Yes! For a few, Yes! But if you scratch that surface deeper, you realise that it's not Ok to have one group of the human race; men and boys, having all the fun, advantages and privileges of life, while the other part of the human race; women and girls; silently suffer, from gender-based sexual violence plus all the attendant difficulties and gets ever fewer opportunities and privileges in life. That is not love. This book may be based on stories from Africa, however the advocacy issues and lessons from it can be applied in any society,


Grace Mukasa is a Uganda-born British Christian.  She is an accomplished international development director who has worked in the development sector  for 20+ years, where she has developed an enviable profile as a sincere and passionate fighter against poverty, and gender injustice.  She has a credible profile and reputation as a passionate feminist leader from as early as 22years.  Since then she has directed  and provided leadership to staff to implement various development and infrastructure  projects with 5 international agencies.  Her work  has  benefited and changed the  lives of poor people in countries of East and the Horn of Africa;  Western Africa;  and Southern Africa;  She has also directed work gas far as South Asia

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